Q: How are you different from all the other photographers out there? Why on earth should I pick you?

A: There are some very talented photographers out there, and I would like to think of
myself as one of them. You're here looking for a professional photographer to document
your life and so talent should go without saying, I think. When looking for the right person
to let into your home, document a life event or to hang out with in the park with your kiddos,
I encourage people to find someone that they connect with. Someone whom you respect and
genuinely like and trust. It's a tough thing to access when searching for a professional so, let
me try and see if I can't, at the very least, help you get to know me so you can decided if I am
the right person for you. I hope I am. 

• I LOVE dogs! I consider my pets to be family members.

• I love the people I work for and I am very invested in what is important to them and
authentically telling their story.

• I have a serious thing for cake. Some people drink wine, I eat cake. Bad day...
eat cake. Everything is better with cake. I dream of cake.  

• I believe in respect, hard work, and true love (so cliché I know, but I do)

• I dream of a sink free of dishes, dog poop pick-up fairies, and a house on the beach.

• I go to the gym a lot so I can eat cake. Well, and because I like lifting weights.

• My friends would say I am fiercly loyal, and would offer up a kidney if they needed it...
and they would be right, I would .

• I married my hubby when I was just 21 and we have been married for 20 years this
year. We have three kids. One in college, one is in high school and our little surprise
baby is a 1st grader this year.

• One of my many favorite volunteer jobs is photographing rescue dogs to help them
find their forever home.

• I am a homeschool momma and public school mom. I try to be flexible and give space
for each of my kids be their own person and that starts with where they will thrive educationally. 

• My daughter is a budding and practicing fashion designer. No, really. She is awesome!!!
She is also my favorite person to photograph and hang out with. Bet you couldn't tell. 

• I am passionate about birth and breastfeeding and a woman's right to do both fearlessly. 

• I have had three natural births, two at home and I support all birth choices. Women know
what is right for them. 

• Ice cream, blah! Chocolate, blah!! I love rock candy, cotton candy, black licorice, and
Laffy Taffy. Weirdo I am! 

• Camping is what we do to get away and re-set. We love being outdoors.

• I love being outside in the sun. Kayaking is my most favorite outdoor thing to do next to
playing soccer and swimming. Gardening is also on my top ten list.

• Criminal Minds is my all time favorite TV show and the Wizard of OZ is my favorite movie.
I can recite the entire movie by heart. 

• Did I mention that I lOVEEEEE cake!!! 

• Not a fan of cold weather. I would make a terrible eskimo.

• My husbands mom died of breast cancer when he was 12 and he has maybe,
5 pictures of her. This should never happen to anyone. I create photographic roots
for others so it wont.

• I often think of others at the cost of what might be best for me and, I am ok with that. 

• I photograph people and what matters to them because I know how it feels to forget.
I know that no matter how much in this moment I tell myself I will remember every little
detail, I know that I just wont...and I so desperately want to remember it all.  All the good,
messy, awful, amazing, blissful, sad, challenging imperfect perfect moments, I want to
remember...all of them, and I want you to remember yours too.

Q: The million dollar question. What will my investment for professional images be?

A: Your session won't cost a million dollars, I promise. Maternity, Birth, Newborn,
and Family Sessions range from $195 to $1795. Please contact me for commercial
inquiries. Prices subject to change without notice.

Q: How long is your Rooted session?

A: Rooted sessions run anywhere 4 to 6 hours depending on what our focus is for capturing images. In home lifestyle and newborn sessions last a bit longer due to their documentary lifestyle approach.

Q: What is a SnapShot Session

A: These sessions are on location locally, in Redlands, and run approximately 30 minutes long.

7 Hand selected, hand edited, high resolution digital files (with the option to always purchase more).

Prints not included. Prints and High resolution digital files of additonal poses available. All prints on single weight matboard in beautiful boutique packaging. Prints begin at $45.


Q: What is included in my session?

A: All commissions include unlimited phone, text and email access to the photographer, phone consultation, the photography session itself, hand editing of your images (no outsourcing), delivery appointment and personal use image licensing for purchased images, and cookies (nope, that is not a typo. Everybody gets cookies!)

In addition...

Your choice of five(5) hand edited, watermarked, social media image files will be delivered via digital download with Maternity Sessions, Newborn Sessions, Senior Sessions, Pet Sessions, “First 2,880 Minutes” Sessions, and all Rooted Sessions. You will also receive 1, 8x10 on masonite of your choosing. This print is not transferable and may not be exchanged for any cash value or used towards other products.

At your delivery appointment any additionally purchased images, along with the social media files you select, will be delivered on image USB. You will also have the option to additionally purchase different poses, upgrade to printable high resolution files, as well as to purchase beautiful prints, albums and frames at your ordering appointment.

Birth and Commercial Sessions and Events yield quite a lot of images and the quantity will vary. Hand edited low resolution social media image files delivered on Image USB as well as the opportunity to purchase printable digital files and/or prints of your favorite moments. Prints not included.

Q: How will my images be delivered to me?

A: You will receive your social media images at your delivery appointment.
We generally set this date at the same time we set our session date for three days after your session.

Print orders will be hand delivered in beautiful boutique packaging locally within
2 weeks of final payment.

Q: Turnaround time? How long before I receive my Images?

A: All images with the exception of Rooted sessions, births, weddings and special events are guaranteed
no longer than 3 weeks from your session date.

Delivery for birth, wedding and special events are guaranteed within 4-6 weeks however
you will receive a special sneak peek within 72 hours to share your exciting news on
social media.

Q: Do I get alllllllllll the digital images from my session?

A: No.  And trust me when I tell you that in no way do you want all of those images.
Images are hand picked and hand edited by me. I do not out source my editing.
What you will receive will be the VERY BEST portraits of you and your family.  

Q: Do you offer Professional Prints?

A: Yes I do. I partner with the most amazing lab. I offer a wide selection of
prints, albums, canvases, frames and cards. Prints begin at $65.00. All pritns are delivered on masonite and are excuisite. During your delivery appointment you will have the opportunity to look through samples and ask questions about wall art designs and how best to display your art work in your home.

Q: When will my prints arrive?

A: Print orders will arrive two weeks from the point your order is paid in full.

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: I most certainly do.

Session fees may be made in two payments. Final payment due before delivery
appointment or gallery viewing.

You may also make payments on print and product purchases. Payments will
need to be made in full before delivery of prints, product or digital files.

Please do not ever hesitate to ask about payments plans. Everyone deserves to
have art of their families and photographic roots.

Q: Payment? 

A: Visa, MasterCard, or cash.

Q: How would you describe your style of photography??

A: My images are bright, crisp, and full of authentic emotion. I am not a trend photographer.
Your life and emotions are not a fad. Your photographs won't be either.

Q: I am worried that my house is not picture perfect.

A: YOUR home IS perfect.  I cannot emphasize this enough. YOUR home is yours and
PERFECT!!! Say it with me, your home is yours and perfect.

Your story is NOT a competition or comparison game between your friends or family or
people you don't even know. It's not about what you have or what you don't, or what you
think you should. It's about documenting YOUR life, as it is in your home where a majority
of your family memories are made. It's where you love your people and your pets.  I can
promise you that in 5, 10, 20 years, when you are different and your life different, your story
now a novel. Those memories do not care (nor do your kids or do I) if you made your home
in a temporary place you rented, in a home you owned, if your home was 4000 sq. ft. or a
9oo sq. ft. Your photographic roots are grounded memories for generations and they tell
your story, your journey of change and growth and love. Your new leather sofa you saved all
year to purchase or your hand me down from your favorite aunt, the curtains hand sewn by
mom,  or the expensive custom blinds,  the littles' art hung all over the walls or giant  images
of your dog  in the entry way, grandmas perfect quilt now a bed spread on your bed in your
first home; every single little tiny bit you will want to remember, and nobody cares how
imperfect YOUR perfection is. 

Bottom line, cameras do not see the dirt that may be on your floors or the dust on your end
table. The clutter that we all have from living in our homes can be easily moved IF I think it
needs to be. I am a wife of 20 years, a mom of three kids ( two boys and a girl) and I have
pets. I am not judging you... in fact, I am in complete admiration and bliss that you also
want to remember all the little pieces that make your life amazing. Your home is perfect
because it is yours. 

Q: Will you travel to Antarctica to photograph and document our family or important life event?

A: You bet I will. I have my passport ready and I love to travel, I am ready. I do ask that
clients reimburse plane tickets and hotel expenses. Travel fees do not apply to sessions
within 60 miles of Redlands. Travel outside of a 60 mile radius of Redlands is at $.57 a mile
plus hotel/airfare as applicable.

Q: Professional printing costs Vs. Target?

A: Ah, this is a fun one. The truth is, of course it is obviously cheaper to print
your images at Target or Costco. However, there is a huge price you will pay in
color rendering, clarity and quality for the value you receive. Professional prints
begin at $65 and all come delivered on masonite.

Printing and enjoying your images as beautiful wall art is the best way to enjoy your investment. Why hang a random plam tree or a beach scene on your wall for decoration when you can hang art work of your family and your loved ones. Fill your home with that love.

Q: Is it a MUST that we do a Rooted Session in our home?

A: I highly encourage you to do Rooted Sessions in your home, but it is not a deal
breaker if we can't.  If an in home session is just not possible contact me and lets talk.
There are other options that will still allow you to document your people and your life
in an impactful and telling way. We can still tell your story. 

Q: Session Location!

A: Be creative when you pick your location. I am here to give guidance and
I have a ton of fun suggestions, but ultimately I want you to pick a location that
is interesting and unique to you. It doesn’t have to be the standard park setting
and it’s perfect if it is. Just give yourself permission to go wild with your
imagination and find the perfect location for you.

Q: How long before my EDD should I hire a photographer to document our birth journey and delivery?

A: The simple answer is as soon as possible. As I do not schedule any out
of town activities or work (including other births) three weeks surrounding your
EDD, it's really important to get on my calendar and secure that time just for
you as soon as you have decided to document  . Waiting to contact me about
booking your birth images doesn't necessarily mean that I wont be available
and you definitely should contact me to see what’s available. All it means is
that there is a higher risk I may have already booked a birth for that month.

Q: Do you photograph Senior Sessions?

A: Yep!You bet I do!

Q: Do you do Pet Photography?

A: Yes! Yes, I do!

Q: How about weddings?

A: The answer to this is Maybe. Feel free to send me over you wedding info
and let's chat. If my birth schedule doesn't allow for your special day to be
accomidated I have some amazing photog friends that can help and I would
be glad to help bridge that gap and get you in touch with them. 

Q: When should I schedule my maternity session with you?

A: Getting on the books as soon as possible is essential. Newborns and
maternity images have windows of opportunity that are ideal. For maternity
sessions to not risk early baby arrival and poor swollen uncomfortable mommas, 33-36 weeks is perfect. 

Q: What do you photograph during births? What don't you photograph?

A: Birth is an intimate and personal journey. We spend a good amount of time
getting to know each other and together we decide what should be included and
not included in your birth images. 

I remind everyone that  birth is a once in a lifetime event. Each birth is different and
self doubt or embarrassment should not stop you from capturing all that your birth
entails. You can always choose to never look at images you don’t want to, but you
can never go back in time and re-take them. 

I will capture all the details that you might not even have known were there or
happening. Details that you might not even know are important to you until you
realize you have them. 

Whether you want the money shot or not, all your images will be tasteful and
artfully captured, that I promise you.

Q: My private on-line gallery looks AMAZING! How do I download and share my images on IG, Facebook, Twitter, or our family blog…EVERYWHERE, basically?

A: Yay!! I love when clients are excited about their images. You will receive an email
with a link to your own private on-line gallery and a password. In that email there will be
more information about ordering prints and how to download and share your gallery with
family and friends. Hang tight until the email arrives. 

Q: Will my hospital or Doctor/Midwife let you in the delivery room?

A: Generally yes, although it depends on the hospital and care provider. Please let
your doctor/midwife and hospital know that having a professional birth photographer
present at your delivery is part of your birth plan. Hospitals and doctors do not like
surprises. This communication early on prevents and issue 9 times out of 10.
Cesarean sections are often a place I am not allowed. But there are always exceptions
to every rule so it never hurts to ask.

Q: Birth is so unpredictable. When do you arrive to begin documenting the birth? How long do you stay!

A: I arrive when you call me that things are happening. Even if that turns out to
be a false alarm. I am on-call for you. I suggest that all my birth clients text me with
the first signs of labor. Having me arrive early on helps everyone get used to me
being around so when things start to get serious nobody even notices that I am there. 

I have been known to stay at births for three and four days and sleep in my car to
catch some sleep while momma works. 

Q: Why should I photograph my babies birth?

A: Birth is not just about the finale of having a baby. It is about the journey. The
entire journey. Birthing a baby is work unlike any other, hard loving work. Often in
birth women work so hard that everything around them falls out of sight and mind.
The concentration to move through contractions is mesmerizing and we miss details.
Birth images remind women of how incredibly strong and amazing they are. They tell
a story of love and support and commitment. I think that is all worth remembering

Q: When should I book my Newborn Session? 

A: Newborn images are best when a baby is 7-10 days old.  Booking as
soon you have an EDD is recommended and then we can adjust once your
little one chooses their birthday.

Q: Why photograph The First 2880 Minutes of a babies life?

A: Awe, these sessions are the best. Birth is a really intimate and raw experience.
Some moms and dads would rather their family's birth journey be private. "The First
2880 Minute" sessions allow for all those first details of a newborns life to be captured
directly following the birth. It is the perfect compromise between documenting your
birth and a newborn session. Babies change from day to day. You will be so glad you
documented those first 2,880 minutes.

Make sure to get in touch early and get on the calendar. 

Q: After I receive my image USB where can I print my images?

A:I highly recommend you print your images with me, but I know that is not
always possible and you are welcome to print them anywhere that works for you.
I am glad to give recommendations on the best secondary sources for having
your images printed. Please keep in mind that prints ordered anywhere other than
through me and my lab will look different than what was delivered to you in your
on-line gallery/or in person delivery appointment and will not be guaranteed. All
printers are calibrated differently and yield different colors in the printing
processes final product. Let’s talk if you have questions. I will do my best to guide
you in a direction that works for you. 

Q: We love our dog Betty. Should we, can we include her in our photo session?

A: Yes!!!! I love dogs!!  Pets are family members to me and they are also part of your
story.  I would love for  you to include them. I might even beg for you to!

Q: Booking! Ok…We want to work with YOU!!! (YAY!!) How do I book a session?

A: You can connect with me here on my site, www.nicolekahnphotography.com,
text ( 909-446-6482), phone call (909-446-6482),
or email (nicolekahn@nicolekahnphotogrpahy.com.)
FB: (https://www.facebook.com/nicolekahnphotography/)
is another way to get in touch. Once we connect I will email you my Getting to
Know You Questionnaire. After we chat a bit about your vision for your session
and talk about dates, you will  be able to secure
your session date with a contract and a non-refundable deposit. 

Q: Can I choose anytime of day for my photo session? Like, can we shoot at midnight and howl at the moon?

A: Delivering the most amazing images to my clients is important to me. While this
sounds fun, unfortunately no. Newborn and in home Rooted Sessions can be scheduled
any day of the week starting at 9/10am. Birth clients, you just call when labor begins
even if that's 2 am. Snapshot sessions are scheduled two hours before sunset or two
hours  after sunrise. 

Q: What, oh what should I wear?

A: Whatever you want! No, really I am very serious when I say this. Wear what makes
you feel good. Wear what you love. People glow when they feel good in their own skin
(or clothes ). If you have a favorite pair of jeans wear them. Favorite hat, put it on. Your
daughter wants to wear her favorite pair of fuzzy leg warmers for the session, OMGosh
let her. Having outfits that are all the same colors and match or that you bought JUST
for the photo shoot is what Pinterest says must be done.  If you love to dress up and
that makes you feel good, do it! Just love what you’re in. Feel comfortable and think
about 20 years from now… what will this image say about me? When choosing those
“feel good” articles of clothing the only advice I will give is to try and make colors
complementary to one another. Meaning, the opposite spectrum of the color wheel.
You have got this. You dress yourself in clothes you love everyday!  You are going to
look amazing.

Q: What can I do to make sure my images are amazing and awesome?

A: Being you is how you make your images awesome!  Be who you are when there
isn’t any papparazzi following you around. Be authentic with your people…love them
as you would when nobody is looking. Be flexible and up for anything. Don’t stress
about getting dirty or laughing too hard.  I have a few tips and tricks I always share
with my people before we get started, but your job is to come relaxed and full of trust
and faith that I have got this. There is only one you, and you are awesome.

Q: Can you photoshop me 5 sizes smaller? Can you make my grey hair disappear? How about my laugh lines, can you Photoshop those out?

A: The simple answer to these questions is yes, of course I can... but I won't.
Your size or great hair has nothing to do with how much you are loved. Be happy
in your own skin my friends. Your little people will remember your smile and your
hugs , not what size pants you wore. Those grey hairs just mean that you have
lived and loved. Don't wish them away. And those laugh lines mean you have
smiled enough to show everyone everyday that you are happy. Be in the photos
and be you . Don't stress yourself out about being what society thinks of as
perfect. YOU are perfect to YOUR people and that is all that matters.

Q: Christmas cards need to go out in two weeks. Is it too late to book a session?

A: No it definitely is not. Happy dance, right!!   I do things a bit different than
most photographers and I schedule sessions into the middle of December. Why,
you might ask? Well, I feel like I am here to serve my clients and sometimes those
December dates are what's needed to get the whole family together. Kids in
college or the military are home for the holidays, the littles are out of school for
Christmas break, add to that all the out of town friends and family visiting and it
just happens that being open in December helps my people get all their people
together for photos.  

The last day to book a session for 2017 (and have your images before Christmas)
is December 17. 

Nicole Kahn Photography will be closed from December 22-December 28, 2017.

The last day to book a session for 2018 (and have your images before Christmas)
is December 16. 

Nicole Kahn Photography will be closed from December 21-December 27, 2018

Q: Can I bring all my girlfriends and their families to MY families "Snap Shot" or "Rooted" photo session????

A: Unfortunately, No. Snap Shot Sessions and Rooted Sessions are special
for individual families of a single household. Please contact me for event, group,
or extended family session pricing.

Q: Uummm, so I saw these AWESOME images on Pinterest. Can you just copy those poses and make the images look like that?

A: I love Pinterest. I mean I really LOVE Pinterest! It is an amazing source for
inspiration.I have made cakes inspired by Pinterest and sewn clothes inspired by
Pinterest... I love it like the next person.  Here's the thing -- images created by an
artist for a specific family should be personal. They should be unique to that
artist's style and they should evoke some emotion when my clients look at them.
Copying a pose or clothing style from images posted on Pinterest does none of
these things. Yes, the images will be magazine pretty, but they wont be special to
YOU.  We can  and should chat about inspiration and things you like before our
session. Familiarize yourself with my shooting style and then just be you. Your
images will be amazing.

Q: So, I can do whatever I want with my images, right? I mean, I bought them and it’s me and my family in the photos. They belong to me, right?

A: Not exactly. This is a very common question or, worse yet, it is a question that never
gets asked. Please please read your contract for all the specifics, but the short answer
is you lease a lifetime right to use your images for personal use and enjoyment.
Copyright remains with me. Do not hesitate to ask for clarification or more information.
Commercial commissions please inquire within.

Q: Why are professional photos so expensive? Can’t I just take these pictures myself with my phone?

A: Yes, of course you could but, consider a few things first. You hire me (or any professional)
for my unique perspective and my professional skills and equipment. You  hire me so that you
can be in your images with your family. Yes yes, I know you can take a selfie and still be in
images with your family. Even with a selfie you have to press pause in that moment to snap
a picture. There is no need to press pause , but instead enjoy the moment with your people
and allow me the honor of capturing those priceless moments for you.

I offer a two part payment plan for Rooted Sessions to make it easier to prioritize and plan.

Q: We think your documentary lifestyle images are amazing. Will you also do some posed photographs?

A: Yes! . I work to get you the most beautifully telling and honest images of YOUR life. I am
glad to  give some directions to help with lighting or shadows.